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We ended the day 11/03 the deadline for submission of proposals for the terms of reference of the Bank Pact Data. We received a total of four proposals for TDR 01 and 6 proposals for TDR 02. A committee will evaluate the proposals over the next days and next week will post the resultados.Aproveitamos to thank all the support in the dissemination and especially companies submitted proposals. We are sure that we are on track to consolidate one of the most important tools for the movement. "Await the outcome.

Entity guide teaches making money defending the green


Farmers can make money by planting trees. The thesis is part of the survey that the Agroicone Research Institute launches, on Tuesday (16) in the Trees Guide to Econômico. The document raised the value that 109 species - found in the Cerrado and Atlantic Forest - will yield to farmers obliged by law to maintain an area for the preservation of green.

Delay in inventory by R$ 30 million in risk.


Brazil may lose a $ 7.5 million international appeal (R $ 30 million) if they do not publish this semester the document containing its official estimates of greenhouse gas emissions for the period 1990 -2010. This document is ready for a year and is stopped at the Civil House for publication six months ago.

Regenerated forest is carbon sponge


Secondary forests, which rebrotam after deforestation of an area, are known by name something derogatory coops. The word comes from the Tupi language and means literally "kill it is not." Seen as poor in biodiversity and ever so rich in carbon stock as a primary forest - to the "virgin forest" - the coops are often overlooked and again cleared. A study released today, however, should help to reduce this prejudices

Forest restoration in the pocket forest system


Forest restoration methodology "Pocket Forest" which copies the natural dynamics of the roosts of the Atlantic Forest and its competitiveness, allows the unprecedented creation of small portions of the biome in urban scale high-speed growth and diversity species

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