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Selection process: Geospatial Database Movement - ENDING

11 de março de 2016


In 04/03, the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact opened the selection process for the hiring of expert advice for activities related to Geospatial Database Movement. Those interested should send the documents requested in the Terms of Reference for the email secretariaexecutiva@pactomataatlantica.org.br.


We ended the day 11/03 the deadline for submission of proposals for the terms of reference of the Bank Pact Data. We received a total of four proposals for TDR 01 and 6 proposals for TDR 02. A committee will evaluate the proposals over the next days and next week will post the resultados.Aproveitamos to thank all the support in the dissemination and especially companies submitted proposals. We are sure that we are on track to consolidate one of the most important tools for the movement.


Await the outcome!


TERMS OF REFERENCE No 001/2016 (click here)

TERMS OF REFERENCE No 002/2016 (click here)


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